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In Mechanical and electrical engineering CAD, we create and explore different iterations of optimised designs and generate manufacturing drawings and documentation. We support from prototype to product launch; HC Techno produces several different deliverables based on the industry.

Based on a product or project, with carefully researched requirements, we create new or customise a design, structure, and layout for new product developments.

Our approach is centred around understanding existing system design data and executing engineering change requests for the betterment of the product and any new feature additions.

We transform legacy content to your desired preservatory formats making it more reliable and valuable.

With an approach to improve the merit of your product by analysing its value, components and then identifying a cost supported by a design that increases the value of its functions.

To enhance and replicate a product or project, reconstructing an existing object by dimensional information and vital product information to continue manufacturing of that object.

By selecting proper devices, wiring, and designing a layout of the panel, we develop diagrams while protecting them from overcurrent situations.

We create control panels that allow you to manage the utilities and features of both hardware and software systems which comprises a range of control settings to manage the user interface, display, and more.

Creating 3D cad harness designs for harness routings, general assembly models and drawings for ease of installation.

Using a numerical mathematic technique vividly known as Finite Element Analysis, we create a simulation to reduce physical prototypes and conduct virtual assessments to optimise designs.

We produce a user-friendly cad automation application based on customer requirements. These application extensions will minimise repetitive tasks and tedious jobs by saving one-third of modelling and drafting times.

We help build your initial design prototypes for validating and testing. Also, provide support for commercial feasibility and manufacturing support for production runs.

We help in identifying the correct source of the manufacturer and assessing potential suppliers as well as selecting and engaging with an appropriate supplier who offers the best value.