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HC Techno

Achieve standardization & simplification of business process along with cost effective delivery.

- Subsidiary of Centillion Group.

Benefit from our advice, expertise & services regardless of where you located.

We take pride in the local support we provide our customers and partners in all stages of their project: Research and development, Prototype, manufacturing and sourcing engineering services, to provide them with a turnkey solution.

Who Are We?

Be a reliable partner in the Engineering Industry.

We design, develop and sustain the legacy and new product development solutions and services enabled our clients in achieving their business objectives with efficient decision making, thereby streamlining their core functionality & taking their vision forward.

Our Values

Our values are the reflection of our corporate culture and our way of taking action. They unite our people and guide our behaviour

We foster a fair and equitable working environment in which each employee is trusted with and has a sense of responsibility towards the achievement of our business objectives and those of our customers.

We are creative and competent; our globally recognised solutions meet the needs of both our customers and the market.

We are committed to apply a culture of continuous improvement with excellence as the sole objective.

We do our work by making full use of our technical and human skills with integrity, transparency and rigor to ensure success of the company as well as that of our partners.

Let us know your need!

Let us know your need!